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Thread: CCFP SCALE POWER DRIVE 50" - 80" Hulls

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    Default CCFP SCALE POWER DRIVE 50" - 80" Hulls

    One of the most powerful drives out there. Solid 7075 T6
    alloy for boats from 50” up to 80” 4 way bearing system with 3
    NSK bearings and a brass bearing sleave for lubrication and fail safe.

    Each drive come with 4 adaptors to extend the drive from
    7mm to 50mm. The stuffing tube loads into the gearbox so
    your largest hole is only 10mm and the gearbox is held in
    place by 4 M4 bolts.

    Perfect for HPR 135 MHZ 138 CT03, 5008 and MHZ 185.And many more...

    Absolutely loaded with options and adjustment possibilities.

    Shaft size 8mm stainless
    Bore 1/4" - prop ends 3/16" and 1/4" extended

    Max length of drive from gearbox to end of drive dog 230mm
    (with 50mm adaptor installed)
    Width of main drive 16x16mm

    Used for template drawing only 100% working condition
    Asking $380 plus post for the set

    fr_3813.jpgDrive measure.jpgfr_3803.jpg
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    Nice stuff. I moved this thread to the Unique area and left a redirect from the swap swap to over there.
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