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Thread: Scratch twin P offshore cat

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    Default Scratch twin P offshore cat

    here is a short clip from my sunglasses.
    I couldn't have hoped for a more successful first run.
    twin Proboat 1500 kv motors/esc from original black jack
    .078" Jeff Wholt wire drives
    CR CNC 44mm 3 blade unsharpened props
    SV27R stingers
    4S2P - super efficient: each pack was down 3000mah after 3 minute run!!
    motors were a blistering 100F and ESC 90F after 3 minutes... lots of room for bigger props

    The set up was good from the start - I made no adjustments.
    I have since trimmed off the lip I had made in the outside ride pad.. that did try to trip her up.
    See thread in build subforum
    "Look good doin' it"
    See the fleet

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    That is awesome looked like it was running great! My dogs also chase the boats LOL!



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