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Thread: Traxxas M41 Used twice like new

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    Default Traxxas M41 Used twice like new

    Recently Impulse purchased this as it looks super cool... Realistically I will MAYBE only get time to use this 2 or 3 times a year due to other hobbies. The boat is all stock and is in excellent condition. Looking for $375 Shipped and will include upgraded prop.

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    Since you didn't go read the rules, I've copied the one you broke:

    Items for Sale or Trade:
    1. Every item must have an actual digital picture on the first post. The Picture MUST be the actual item, not a "representation", stock photo or a link to another photo or website. Violating threads will be deleted.

    Please take it out of box and show all that comes with sale. And does your price include shipping?
    "Look good doin' it"
    See the fleet

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    Figured we all know what they look like... Added some more pics of it and parts included... my price is shipped.

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    Good job, thanks Scott.
    As you know, the condition of any boat varies, so showing us just what is in that box is very important.
    Thanks for adding the photos.

    Good luck with the sale... I've always liked this boat.
    "Look good doin' it"
    See the fleet

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    Lets Try $350 shipped?? It's all boxed up and ready for shipment!

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    Hi Lanky,
    I am aerospacecowboy1 and have recently joined the OSE forum.
    I'd like to clarify if the boat is new out of the box with a couple of runs on it or a new to you recently purchased 2nd hand and have a couple of runs that you put on the boat since you've gotten it?
    Does it have the radio and receiver that come with it too?
    Another question is the price $375 takes All including the extra prop?
    Please let me know. Thanks!
    Regards, Aerospacecowboy1

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    Hi Cowboy! Welcome to the forum!

    The boat is used twice, shows some light marks, most notable on the rudder. I purchased this 2nd hand and never personally ran the boat. Ive re greased the tube and have done typical maintenance. It is rtr with radio system, just add your batteries/charger.

    Since listing it for sale, ive lowered the price to $350shipped including the additional prop. Let me know if you needed additional pictures or had any other questions.

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    Hi Lanky,
    Thank you for the welcome!
    After thinking about your offerings, I have decided to go ahead and purchase it from you.
    Consider it sold!
    As stated...I am new to OSE and this purchasing part of the forum.
    If need be I might need a little coaching to get the deal done in accordance of ALL OSE rules appropriately.
    I use PayPal and we need to swap the necessary information. I'll read the rules and check back to the forum.
    Regards - Aerospacecowboy1

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    Great news! Ill shoot you a PM with my paypal info... i can ship on tuesday. Thanks Guys!

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    You are welcome, Tuesday is fine, I need to take OSE Forum for dummies! I am having a hard time finding your PM.

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    Ok going to the full site really helped! I found the needed information, will send pmnt tomorrow during the day! :)

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    Glad you received your payment. Looking forward to the boat!

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    Thanks Cowboy! Boat shipped today!



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