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Thread: 14th annual Winter Warmups

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    Default 14th annual Winter Warmups

    Ok guys and gals..
    Signups open tomorrow on
    February 16-18th 2018
    Friday feb 16...
    Open water until noon then 4 rounds of
    P offshore
    P cat
    P limited rigger
    P sport hydro
    P limited mono

    Saturday & Sunday 3 rounds each day of
    P mono
    Q mono
    Q sport hydro
    P limited cat
    P limited sport hydro
    P limited OPC
    P limited offshore
    1/10th modern
    1/10th vintage

    Come out and enjoy Arizona’s beautiful weather.. some of the best drivers in the country.. and most of all the fun..

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    District 19s own District Director..Richard Romero will be the C.D.



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