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Thread: 2018 IMPBA FE Nationals - Michigan Cup

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    This race is on my bucket list..and always enjoy racing with you..I owe terry so I gotta make it out there for his race.. really hope next year..

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    my q hydro has never been beaten either.........ok well i've never raced this one!!! lol
    Turns out my Q mono will make it, I built it last night!!!!
    We call ourselves the "Q"

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    Oh I have a pretty nice video camera I'll bring it and anyone who wants to shoot some races can just take it. and if anyone has a computer can upload them.
    We call ourselves the "Q"

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaceMechaniX View Post
    I just have to put the magic smoke back in the hulls and load in the trailer. Since Q hydro did not make it I am forced to put Q power into my P hydro and warn everyone for the schooling that is coming.
    Tyler. What does that mean? Lol. I've already done the same with my P Sport

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    I am planning on trying to do a live feed of the event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ty Davis View Post
    Tyler. What does that mean? Lol. I've already done the same with my P Sport
    It means you better be preppared for a field day in P hydro.

    Q mono is going to be fast!
    Tyler Garrard
    NAMBA 639/IMPBA 20525
    T-Hydro @ 142.94mph former WR

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    We finally figured out that Wildthing for Q mono. It's at least driveable now. Looks wet by itself so should be okay with traffic.
    glue sniffer

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    Ooooooh P-Hydro gonna be nuts!!!!! and Q mono????? who knows just puttting the finishing touches on it!!
    We call ourselves the "Q"

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    Our P hydro isn't that fast but it's super stable. Who knows though. They always look like snails to me.
    glue sniffer

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    Just an FYI for those of you that aren't IMPBA members (you know who you are), you will have to get single event insurance IF you are a NAMBA member, if not you will have to become an IMPBA member BEFORE you are allowed to run even during Wednesday Open Water that starts at NOON.
    Caution: Does not play well with others!

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    Lordy lordy lordy,

    I plan on being there throughout the races, including Wednesday. Not a member of anything, never raced (but would like to get into it, seems like fun, not as boring by yourself)

    So, what would I need to do just to try to maneuver on the course on Wednesday? $$$ just for a try out.

    Here’s what I have:
    Blackjack 29v3 stock (120amp seaking): running 4s 5200mah, 50c

    MC (burned it up trying it out with 8s) and now revamped with 120a seaking esc, sst 2075 motor (plan on running 8s not sure yet) grimracer 42x55 prop b/s. have not been out with it yet

    Zonda stock (120 seaking esc’s and amc 45dia props b/s) not tried it out yet.

    Granted I have not run the MC or the Zonda this year so could not tell you the heat yet.

    Just got out of the hospital with (you may have guessed it: Beryllium copper poisoning, look under my post under “props” about this if you so choose)

    I’m learning by mistakes (costly though)


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    Johnc, have a read of the post before yours above.

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    I believe to run on Wed. during open Water, you have to be a registered racer for this event.

    You can come out and look around and ask questions, and NO charge Wed. to Sat. $.

    Past NAMBA- P Mono -1 Mile Race Record holder
    Past NAMBA- P Sport -1 Mile Race Record holder
    Bump & Grind Racing Props -We Like Em Smooth & Wet

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