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Thread: Prop for 37” Shocker

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    Default Prop for 37” Shocker

    Hey guys,
    I have a CF Fightercat 37” Shocker with a Neu 1530 1Y running on 10S. The motor KV is 1100 kv. Right now I have an ABC 1915 wheel on it right now. I’m looking for something bigger preferably an ABC. What would your recommendation for that setup with top speed in mind.
    Thanks for looking
    37” Fightercat Shocker powered by Neu 1530 on 10S

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    How is the boat handling it? Light in front? You could go up to a 2015 or 2016 but I have found even that one size up gets the nose up.

    There is 2114 with 15* rake. That helps keep the lift in control.

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    It's running pretty neutral right now. I'm looking to see if y’all think the 1915 is enough prop for that motor or if I have some room to prop up.
    37” Fightercat Shocker powered by Neu 1530 on 10S

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    I think you could throw a bit more at it. You could maybe go 1916 or 1917. No logging of amps I guess ?

    But for reference sake I was running 1917’s(twin) and logging over 150 amps on 12s. That’s 150+ per motor so a single will likely pulls far more depending on the weight of the hull and such. My hull is a Fantasm weighing 12’ish pound RTR.

    You running 10s1p? And which speedy?
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    Yeah I don’t have a data logger on mine. What motors were you running in your setup? I'm running 10s1p with a Fightercat 300a esc. I was guessing my amps would be relatively low due to the size of the 1530. But I’ve got no idea what kind of amps it actually draws. I would get a data logger but only a few are capable of that much voltage, and right now I don’t have the money for a new ESC.
    37” Fightercat Shocker powered by Neu 1530 on 10S

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    If you can time the run, you can at least calculate the average amp draw.

    - packs fully charged
    - full throttle as much as possible
    - time with stopwatch to closest second
    - charge packs fully on same charger at same temperature, record mAh put back in
    - plug data into the OSE calculator

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    What Jay said. It is really the easiest way for you at this time.

    I should also have mentioned when I was spouting off about amp draw on 1917’s that my 1915’s were about 120-125. And I have TP 4082’s @ 1020kv.



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