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    I am looking for something to do kind of bored so I think I would like to try to make one of my Casper Hydros into an RC. these guys are real small at 7.25 inches long so it will be a challenge so I was thinking of getting a small RC boat or car to rob the running gear from. Any suggestions would be great. I know I would probably need to make the rudder and strut thinking just one maybe two cell lipo.

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    Wow that is smaller than micro. You will need a motor that is one inch long and a tiny esc. Props will need to be cut down plastic.
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    What a cute project. Where did you get the hull? I have fancied a tiny FE boat for a while. Maybe using one of the 10g outrunners and 6A ESCs popular with the indoor flying guys. I have not done FE that size but I have RCed an airfix MTB with stripped out Futaba 3003 servos and used them for a motor and ESC in on 1s, I used 2000mAh as ballast so it didn't plane, but it has a fair bit of thrust, if you built light and used 1s 200mAh it might plane. It might also not, but it is a cheap experiment as you probably have (or know someone that has) an old standard analogue servo in the parts bin that wont ever be used again.
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    They are available on eBay and I think the Hydroplane museum web store has them also

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    Very cool Jim have seen a few videos of these running in pools super fun looking!

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    Blackjack 9 rudder. Maybe pull some other things from the bj9 too. Servo would work. It doesn’t have a strut, just brass tube. You might could do the same thing
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    Cool project! Maybe you can use parts from the boat in the link below. I purchased one at the beginning of the summer and I have more time running it than any of my other boats this year. It's a fun little boat and everything might fit in your project.

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    Jim, you use to be able to get a motor kit for the Casper boats, or are you looking for more power? I think I might just plug to a battery have steering of some sort, boat can't be that fast and let it go.

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    Ya I was looking to go 1 cell lipo small servo motor and esc, brushed or brushless
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    Well, it looks like I will be picking up the baton on this one. I'll be extensively modifying it for RC. Ride pads for sure. Looking at the vacuum-formed bottom, it may get some re-shaping of the aft bottom, probably get a lot of air trap, a homemade rudder, a homemade micro strut, 1/32 wire drive, homemade coupler. Maybe a straight shaft would save some weight and complexity, we shall see. The BIG problem will be a prop. I'd like it to have a 1/16" or 3/32" diameter hub which means no commonly known prop will work. I may wind up silver soldering some brass or stainless steel blades to a stainless steel tube that will be part of the wire drive; i.e. the prop stub shaft will have the prop blades attached to it. That means I will have to fabricate some sort of fixture to hold the blades in the proper orientation while I attach them to the hub. Hmmmmmm.... I wonder what alternatives may be available.

    This project will have to take a back seat to my newest project: The 1/20 scale '80 Atlas Van Lines.

    Some equipment thoughts:


    UPDATE: I found a prop. With a bit of sharpening and shaping, I think it will work. See:
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