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Thread: 2017 Indy Admirals Polar Bear Cup and the Fast Fifty Marathon

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    Default 2017 Indy Admirals Polar Bear Cup and the Fast Fifty Marathon

    Sunday November the 5th will be the last Fast Electric event of the 2017 Indy Admirals Calendar.

    The day will comprise of 2 events, Outboard Tunnels, the more the better, large small, bring em'all. This event will be dedicated to Dee Hughey who we all miss.


    The Fast-Fifty, an offshore style Marathon event. 50 laps , 2 boats, 3 person teams (2 drivers, 1 unbiased score keeper).

    Attached are the flyers for both events

    Hope the weather is kind and that we see you there.
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    Today was the fast fifty and the Polar Bear cup, weather was rainy and storms were brewing over head.

    The Polar bear cup was dedicated to Dee Hughey this year, with Mike and David saying a few words, as well as running the outboards in a backward M-course in his honor.

    Also remembered today was Jeff Littlefield, who passed away last weekend, another sad loss.

    Congratulations to the winners of the fast fifty and all those that took part to compete and to help count and judge.

    Fast Fifty winners.jpg

    Congatulations to the winners of the Polar bear cup. Great event

    Polar bear cup winners.jpg

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    I want to thank everyone who came out today. We had some great racing. You'd never know it was November today with the warm 70 degree temperature. I know Dee would have really enjoyed watching the electric outboards racing.

    Also I'd like to thank everyone who helped this year with our entire racing series for 2017. Clair does a great job taking video's every month and I know it takes hours to post them too. I'm looking forward to this winter building and improving the fleet. I hope our group continues to keep racing next year where we can keep growing.

    Again, thanks to everyone and maybe some day I'll post a building thread on mounting steering servos on outboards.




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