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    Anyone installed one of these wraps from this place?
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    Hey Modvp, what happened to your post? I had an email saying "Here is one installed", buts it's gone...
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    Not the only mystery, that Oh Boy Oberto post went missing too... I hope those guys work it out, but that was weird!

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    MonoJeff must have erased this one... haha
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    Haha funny he never posted a picture which is why I think he deleted it himself.

    To answer your questions yes there is a posting somewhere with one of his wraps installed that I had seen long ago.
    He uses good materials and they fit nice.

    I am not the only guy who can make decals and wraps but if you are interested in something else then this you know where to find me!

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    Is it wrong that I pictured a sandwich wrap made of cheetahs?
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    Your imagination is Spot on!
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    Sign shop guy said it wasn't too bad, he said that the canopy top would be a pain so we decided to leave it off.

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    Can you post a picture of the bottom? Curious where the wrap ends. What does a wrap like that cost?
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    I end my wraps just above the water line and seal them with thinned epoxy or clear coat on the edge.

    Not sure what he charges but boats in this size I charge around $100 depending on the design.

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    @monojeff - I quickly went through your Facebook page and your graphics look impressive. I had several questions I hope you don't mind answering...

    How do you handle complex angles on say a deep vee where the deck rises to form the windscreen of the cockpit? I tried wrapping my deck with 3m vinyl and it came out like crap around that part, especially as it nears the transom; the angles of that windscreen screw with the vinyl as it joins back over the center line at the transom. I heated and stretched it pretty aggressively too. I've done enough film covering in my life (monokote with rc airplanes and most recently 3m vinyl to wrap automotive interior trim) to have an idea about how to do it, but I'm no pro.

    Do your customers supply you a design? Is it just a picture of a full size boat and you do the rest, or do you have something along the lines of a catalog from which customers can select a design. If a customer can submit a picture, how many angles do you need? Resolution? I found some neat pictures of real power boats via Google; is that enough?

    What would the cost be for a 48" Warehouse Hobbies Enforcer (deep vee) with a simple, moderate, or complex design? The boat has a rub rail where the deck joins the hull; how is that accounted for in your designs? The boat is gel coated red; do you offer suggestions on what does and doesn't work from a design perspective?

    Do you require the customer's actual boat in order to make the graphics? Or do you have specs you can access (or do you require the customer to supply key measurements)?

    Are you restricted by copyright on what you can print? For example, what if I wanted to have a design that incorporates my favorite college's logos?

    I reached out to a Tampa vinyl shop that specializes in vehicle wraps about doing something with my boat. I even sent them pictures but they never replied back. Not worth their time I guess.

    Thank you for your time,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Insanity Plea View Post
    Anyone installed one of these wraps from this place?
    I had one of this guys kits on a UL-1. I was very pleased for the money.
    It got lots of attention at the pond. I sold the boat a while ago because it was a UL-1
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