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Thread: Windows 8 what to do or not too do???

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    Question Windows 8 what to do or not too do???

    Finally scooped a laptop with a newer OS on it.

    It's got windows 8.

    Still looking for charger/adapter.

    I've heard it's not a great idea to do an automatic update to version 10, is this correct???

    Just need the old windows for Castle, hifei and Swordfish etc software.

    It will also be my surfing PC. The XP tower I have gets retired at month end since Firefox stopped support. XP was dead already anyway.

    Anyway, all the do's and don'ts would be much appreciated.

    If I can't find the adapter then I'll buy one new for $30.
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    I like windows 10...but it might take a minute to get used to especially from XP. If the windows 10 is free upgrade for you then I would do it, if the computer meets the minimum requirements to run 10.
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    If you can still upgrade for free, do it. I would say 10 is an easier learn than 8 from XP as you get the start menu without having to install any third party programs.
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    Note: you can run any program in its native Windows release by right clicking the program icon while and Administrator, select "Run As", then select the appropriate Windows release that the software recommends. Ve found you don't need to keep a legacy laptop around to run older programs..

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    I updated my PC to 10 with No problems.
    The Castle program still works fine.

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    Thanks guys!
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