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Thread: ESC suggestions for Fastech

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    Default ESC suggestions for Fastech

    so not sure how but I completely smoked my ESC this past weekend on my Fastech. I'm guessing I had some kind of cooling issue.
    I'm currently running 4s on it and I am pretty happy with it, I would just replace it with the factory original one but I can't seem to find one. and i'm never opposed to upgrading anybody have any suggestions on an alternative watercooled ESC they can recommend? original was a 45 amp. thanks

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    Well anything over 45A will definitely give you an improve performance in terms electronic issues like heat. . .electronics will run cooler, able to deliver more power/current to motor and possibly increase in speed. You could possibly prop up with higher due to higher ESC's amp. If you want some inexpensive ESCs I've tried GoolRC and Flycolor for my less demanding applications and have had great results. But if you want to go with more reliable brands like Seakings, Turnigys, Pro Boat you can't go wrong there either. But, now that you're in the hunt for a new esc then I would advise you to get a higher amp esc. . .60A-120A will be plenty and also be able for you to upgrade your motor down the road if you choose to. As an example here's a link on a GoolRC 90A esc but find a US seller if you don't want the wait. The 60A are even cheaper. . .I think Insanity Plea has a Seaking 60A for $45. . .good deal



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