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Thread: *** NEW *** Pro Boat Veles 29 Catamaran

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    Thread's starting to get a little off topic. I keep checking back hoping to see new Veles info. Travis, I suppose you'll take care of that soon enough!
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    Quote Originally Posted by flattrack View Post
    Hey MADRCER, still no 4S run? I'm dying to find out what that MG V3 will run with the 3831 on 4S. On the fence about getting a 3831 or a Aquacraft 1800kv for p-limited.
    Flattrack, Yes I'll PM you the info, so others won't be bothered by me posting MG 29 set up info with Veles running gear information here. Although some have said they really enjoyed my test, input, and the leads I have brought to the table to make their slow boats fast again. I'LL take a back seat for a while and see how this thread turns out. For several weeks this thread was dead and I hope Rafael and Darin understands that the info I have posted in this thread was to help ProBoat sell a boat and NOT to hijack a thread.
    Zelos Twin 36 stock w/3831's (88.23mph), Veles 29 stock (70mph), Miss Geico 29 v3 (75mph), Motley Crew Cat (47.5mph), H-King Relentless v2, Barbwire XL, Feilun FT011, AquaCraft Rescue 17, Atlantic II Tug

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