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Thread: IMPBA D1 - Northern Lights MBC - 2017 "THE CAN-AM" Aug 12 & 13.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmikepags View Post
    Firstly I learned that I really can race 8 classes!
    Constructive criticism here Mike. You know I luv ya.

    Funny how you and I can look at the same outcome and come to different conclusions. Is getting there "on time" enough for you? I know you and just getting to the water is not enough. You under performed in those 8 classes by your own standards. You dabbled in a lot of classes but dominated none of them. I mean Q cat? Come on. That's your favorite class. Maybe ever. From one grizzled old turd to another......ya kinda can't run 8 classes. Well you can "run" them but you can't perform in that many. My opinion. Tommy was clearly in the zone. Think he would be if he increased his load of classes by 60%?

    Tom, Ty, and I ran 15 classes out of our tent. So around 40 heats plus pitting and time capsule visits on day 1. That was too many. Tom and I finally dropped some for Sunday. Not because we couldn't keep up. The three of us can do more. We range about 13 classes at a club race, call 98% of the heats, and do a little bit of retrieval. At the CanAm we were making mistakes and weren't focused when we did get out there. Was kinda sucking up the fun. Dropping a few freed us up to pit for some gas and nitro heats which in truth was way more fun than I thought it would be. Struggling to resist the gas boats in truth. I also got to watch some heats which is also way under rated. Some of these guys can really drive. When I see someone absolutely kill'n it there's a certain thrill I get out of it.

    NOT bagging on ya Mikey. Just consider slowing down a tic to enjoy the greatness that is an organized event. It's a race.....and competition! and wahoo!! Yeeha! GO!GO!GO! Yep, I get it but we're not professionals. Nobodies lives depend on it. Take a breath......unless the nitrolls are running. Then hold for a second..........................aaaaand breath.
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    Thanks Terry, constructive criticism taken. You know the story though I have these boats and there's only a few races a year I get to run them, so I end up adding classes and the next thing you know, CRAP I signed up for 8 classes. And Yes you are correct I did not do as well as I would have liked or should have done, but me getting the boats ready and on time for the heats, whether I run 2 or 20 classes is a feat in and among itself for me!!!!! I did drop both Q cat and Q offshore on sunday, I didn't finish a heat on saturday! The boat was not doing what it has done it's whole life and that is dominate, There was clearly something wrong with that boat and it is being retired:-(. Both sponsons have cracks all along where the top and bottom is joined, it takes on lots of water and there's a big Ole prop slice in the top deck. That being said I made a lot of mistakes with setups on sat that I corrected on sunday and was in the hunt for a couple of classes that I didn't think I even had a shot at after saturday. Again I learned a lot, about setups and props, and yeah that I "can" run 8 classes, but I really shouldn't. Thaks Terry!
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    Photos of our event taken by Paul Charles:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Keeley View Post
    Yes, thanks again very much. A club member (Rudy P.) has a homegrown CNC in his basement and made all new brackets that hold the flip segments. I installed them moving all the little coils and segments over. Also put in a couple of fuses and insulated the bottom, it's working flawlessly!
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    Gas, Nitro, FE. We are ALL rc boaters. We at NLMBC recognize and respect this. As a CD I was very impressed how organized you FE racers were especially considering how many classes you guys were running. Sure there was the odd small delay however, it was not isolated to FE power. Some might say we "push" to keep things moving and to this I agree. We all want to get in 4 heats and get home Sunday night at a reasonable hour. I hope you all enjoyed our race and we look forward to seeing you all at next years Can-Am.
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