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Thread: Proboat react 9 DeepV

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    Default Proboat react 9 DeepV

    Are these boats any good, Thinking about buying just to what they are like.

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    I have one of these, they are great little boats, fast for the size too

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    Ditto, great little boat - decent handling - cheap batts - self righting.
    Only flaw is greasing the drive shaft, need to remove the motor to uncouple the shaft.
    I bypassed the in water safety feature.
    Handles way better than my son's ProBoat Recoil 17

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    I just got one for the kids to learn on. I was just looking at greasing that prop shaft. Do you say the motor coupling comes off the end of the prop shaft? Is it threaded on? For the money, great little boat! But mine was handled rough somewhere, and the recv/esc was broken off its plastic studs. I had to epoxy it back in there... wasn't worth shipping back then shipping again for a new one, besides I wanted it in the water! I sharpened the prop using 600 sandpaper, made a big difference. On my two props, both have a sharp and a dull side, probably due to the mold when they made it. Might want to check on your boats too.

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    To grease the shaft, motor needs to be removed. T-Slot style coupler
    Batteries are like $7 USD, 1S 750MaH - JST connector
    Few kinks in cooling hoses, fixed
    Enlarge cooling pick up, fixed
    Check all screws, fixed

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    Just noticed I have the React 17.. But basically the same hit list. A badly kinked hose on one side. Rudder center adjustment way off! Transmitter doesn't remember the centering adjustments so have to do each time. I fixed that, moving the servo horn by one tooth and slight bending of the rudder actuator rod. Looks like the term RTR depends on what you expect! Still, cool little boat!



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