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Thread: WTB Two Water Jet Drives Complete

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    I am looking for a pair of SMALL jet drives for a project I am scratch building. If anyone has a pair let me know.

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    For ABS, Fiberglass, Carbon hulls and Stainless hardware
    BBY Racing

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    Hi RandyatBBY
    Thanks for the link BUT there is No motor. I am a beginner in this field and I was looking for a complete assembly, ready to go and just drop into place. Of course price is a factor as well as quality.

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    you will be better off over here for jet drive stuff.

    adding a motor is easy enough, if you can install a jet drive you can install a motor.

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    Here's a pair of jet drives with brushed motors and water cooling. These are the same drives they use in the Proboat Duck Decoy. 15mm diameter impellers - for small boats - say up to 17". But two will power a larger boat.
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    Thanks for the tip.



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