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    Hi guys,

    Here is my ZippKits Springer tug. Fantastic kit, simple to put together, and the price is unbelievably cheap considering the high quality. I will be using it as a rescue tug, but couldn't help putting on some details I had spare. I've also added a 4 bladed brass prop and Becker style rudder so the boat is very maneuverable, it can virtually turn on its own axis. Hasn't yet seen much sea time as still sorting out electronic bugs.

    IMG_3129.JPG IMG_3220.JPG IMG_3250.JPG IMG_3318.JPG IMG_3319.JPG
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    Love the details! That gives me some motivation to finish mine...

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    Thankyou for the kind words. I understand your pain, I have many half built kits that have been put on hiatus. I hope you regain the passion to finish your Springer :)

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    where did you get all of the detail parts?

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    The bollards, cleat, winch and capstan are old white metal parts I've had lying around for years, hence why i finally decided to use them on this boat. The liferings are made by Billing Boats, the liferaft canister is from an old kit that was sitting around, as were the searchlights. I scratchbuilt a basic interior from styrene. The man inside the boat was a Star Wars toy from the recent movie, i just looked in the toyshop for a man of the right size who was dressed somewhat appropriately. I did have to modify his arms slightly to be gripping the wheel and throttle though. I really like the Becker rudder due to its simplicity and functionality, this came from

    Places such as Cornwall Model Boats or Harbor Models will have all the scale details you could want for model boats.

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    Wow, thanks for the info; it's MUCH appreciated. Sounds like I will need to keep an eye out and get creative for the little accent parts. I am going to look into that rudder. It seems like a nice upgrade.

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    Yes its a neat little rudder. It comes as a 3D printed part, so there are little raised ridges running across it, but this is easily smoothed down with sandpaper. Also a top tip for adding detail parts, drill into the base of the part and pin and glue the piece to the boat (rather than just gluing the part on). This makes for a lot stronger bond so they won't get knocked off as easily when handling. Also in the case of my boat, the cleat at the front and capstan at the rear make neat handles to lift the lid off.



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