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Thread: Sad loss - Dee Hughey.

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    Default Sad loss - Dee Hughey.

    Just can't find the right words........... He will be missed.

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    Oh man, a great inspiration

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    Very Sad
    He was one of the Grandfathers of FE

    Past NAMBA- P Mono -1 Mile Race Record holder
    Past NAMBA- P Sport -1 Mile Race Record holder
    Bump & Grind Racing Props -We Like Em Smooth & Wet

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    Do It Like You Mean It .....or Don't Bother

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    R.I.P. A true pioneer
    2008 NAMBA P-Mono & P-Offshore Nat'l 2-Lap Record Holder; '15 P-Cat, P-Ltd Cat 2-Lap
    2009/2010 NAMBA P-Sport Hydro Nat'l 2-Lap Record Holder, '13 SCSTA P-Ltd Cat High Points
    '11 NAMBA [P-Ltd] : Mono, Offshore, OPC, Sport Hydro; '06 LSO, '12,'13,'14 P Ltd Cat /Mono

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    For those not in the know, can you expand a little on what he did in the FE boating community?
    Fine Design 32 V-Hull 4082+6s

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    I personally couldn't detail all the things, but there were some great photos from back in the day at the funeral. He was the brother to Ed who makes the shafts. Dee was the guy behind multiple prop ideas including "dial a prop", Dee started Hughey boats and had the idea of the cable flex outboard system. He also created instant foam boats. I certainly know all these things were documented, there were also speed runs from back then too, but have no specifics to the numbers. He was a great guy to talk to, I will miss him watching all the races.
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