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Thread: thunder tiger: OLYMPIAN

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    Default thunder tiger: OLYMPIAN

    I finally got on!!! What do you guys think of the OLYMPIAN, and do any body know what size the prop shaft is??

    I have had 4 boats,from 17in. to the new TRAXXAS M41. I just want a boat that you do not half to spend a lot

    of extra money to make it go right like the TRAXXAS SPARTAN. the OLYMPIAN seem to have it ALL, what do you


    thanks Steve

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    Making my purchase soon. Done a ton of boat research and have come up with the same conclusion. Best bang for the buck.

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    Yeah it's awesome. Ordered and should be here next Tuesday!!! Anxious!

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    I'm excited.. should be getting mine delivered today, any feedback from you owners??

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    boat looks nice ,i would look around and see if anyone makes a one piece flex shaft for it .
    blackjack 29v3, recoil 26, traxxas spartan, hobbyking/tfl pursuit ,ft009 with rescue rigging

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    Default Thunder Tiger Olympian

    Quote Originally Posted by boatsrnew2me View Post
    boat looks nice ,i would look around and see if anyone makes a one piece flex shaft for it .
    Thanks for your response! I really have no idea what that part of the boat looks like, but I will definitely take your advice and see what I can do. I will also likely want to change out the prop, but again, no idea till I actually have it in my hot little hands!!

    all the best

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    Hi again,

    Well I have the Olympian her now, and can see that it has a solid prop shaft that is connected to a flex shaft. So are you saying that I should remove the solid shaft and flex shaft, and simply put in a longer flex shaft?



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