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Thread: 2107 Duel in the Pool

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    Default 2107 Duel in the Pool

    It's cold outside (or supposed to be at least, crazy Indy weather......) see all the details in the attached flyer regarding the 2017 Duel in the Pool, to be held at the Brownsburg High school full size swimming pool.

    Here is a video from a couple years ago, enjoy.

    Note: Pool racing can be rough on boats due to space and concrete walls, please don't race your pride and joy, boats frequently bump each other, this is just the nature of the event. Tremendous fun though.
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    Don't forget tomorrow is the big day. See you there.

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    Nuts, was trying to make time to drive down for this, but can't swing it. I have a handful of college friends that grew up and went to school there.

    Do you run this yearly?
    Vac-U-Tug Jr (13mph)

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    We have run at Brownsburg for the last 3 years. So I'd guess there is a strong chance that we will do it again next year. There is also the Spring fling in the same area, check out the face book page for details if your interested.

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    What's a face book? Better post the announcement up here for us holdouts.
    Vac-U-Tug Jr (13mph)

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    I hear you, I'm a holder-outera too. that said its an open public site so you can "just look"

    We will get the info posted here soon - Ok off to load up and enjoy a day of fun at the pool.

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    Couple of videos from today, a lot of boats racing in the pool, it's amazing how such a large pool gets small quick.

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