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Thread: 15% off from REVOLECTRIX

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    hello to all (new guy here and this is my first post) i received a mail from REVOLECTRIX this morning with a 15% is a copy from mail so any1 who likes to use it feel free:
    Happy Holidays from Revolectrix! May your Holiday Season be filled with good cheer and the prospect of a Healthy and Happy New Year! Thank you for your support throughout 2016. As an expression of our appreciation, we are offering a special holiday discount on the entire line of Revolectrix products. Enter coupon code HOL2016 in the coupon field of the checkout page and click "Apply" to receive 15% OFF any order which exceeds $100 (shipping not included). Offer is available through either the REVO Singapore or REVO USA webstores, and applies to any merchandise in either webstore. Code is unlimited in that you may use it as many times as you like during the offer period. This special promotional code may be used on in-stock or back-ordered products. Offer good now through December 30, 2016.

    Please note: If you are a first-time buyer on the Revo store and you have any trouble entering the promotional code, please e-mail or call REVO USA sales at (301) 798-2770 and we will assist you with the order and ensure you receive the 15% discount

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    Thanks for the heads-up. Just picked up some 6S 60C Diamond labels on overstock/blowout sale, $70 minus the 15% discount can't be beat for nice 6S packs! paid the shipping!...thanks!



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