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    I just got home from the Indianapolis Admirals Christmas dinner and had a great time. Many members showed up for one last get-together in 2016. In attendance was Ed Hughey and his wife Sandy. I thought I would share this picture of myself and Ed. Ed still lives at home and is busy with his large family. At 85 he's slowed down, but obviously still able to get out and about. The business has been shut down for a couple of years and he hasn't made a shaft since. I have the last shaft he made in my shop and dated it May 14, 2015.

    Unable to attend was Ed's brother Dee Hughey. Dee is in an assisted living facility and not as mobile as Ed. At 84 Dee has been my mentor since before I can remember. I'm also best friends with his son David and married to their niece Kerry.

    Mike Yount
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    Thanks for sharing, I hope everyone has a Merry Xmas

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    Good to see Ed still out and about and Dee is still hanging in there...

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    Great to see you guys having fun at the annual Admirals Christmas dinner. Personally I loved to see Ed, Dee, David and Parker at the events, it was so nice to see an entire family enjoying a common hobby and just being together.

    Of course you being so close to Ed and Family, it begs the question – if the Y in H&Y might know if the shaft legacy knowledge will live on into the future?

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    Thanks for a lovely post.

    You married into the Hughey Dynasty? That's darn near Royalty!!!
    Nortavlag Bulc

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    I had a chance to talk to Ed last night. He was in good spirits but frustrated with growing old. We will all feel that way someday. Especially when we like to DO when we are home and in the workshop. - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
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    Nice story glad to hear Ed is out and about !

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    great to hear.
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