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Thread: Indy Admirals Polar Bear Cup and the first Fast-Fifty

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    Default Indy Admirals Polar Bear Cup and the first Fast-Fifty

    Sunday November the 6th will be the last Fast Electric event of the 2016 Indy Admirals Calendar.

    The day will comprise of 2 events, Outboard Tunnels (the more the better, large small, bring em'all. Flyer Polar Bear Cup Flyer 2016.pdf)


    The Fast-Fifty, an offshore style Marathon event. 50 laps , 2 boats, 3 person teams (2 drivers, 1 unbiased score keeper).

    Attached is the flyer for the Fast-Fifty

    Indy Fast Fifty Relay Flyer 2016.pdf

    Fast Fifty score sheet.pdf

    Hope the weather is kind and that we see you there.
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    Here is the polar bear flyer. 3 different classes.

    Polar Bear Cup Flyer 2016.pdf

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    Very cool.
    glue sniffer

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    which p- limited....Mono, cat, opc, hydro?

    Also is the open outboard only 6S or a max 6S?

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    The Polar Bear is intended as a tunnel hull (top speed 3 type hull) only event, no mono's, cats, hydro, or riggers. It is a tradition within the Indy Admirals club that goes back many years best I can tell. Normally we roll the event in with the normal club events, this year we have a separate meet just for the Indy Admirals Polar Bear Cup and the new Indy Fast Fifty (which is a first for us).

    On the power limit, I'd Say 6s Max - but I'm not the CD. Hopefully he might chime-in.....

    Terry - Thanks, it'll be interesting for sure running this the first time out, hopefully we will all somewhat be on the same page, Hopefully get some video if the weather doesn't get crazy.

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    That fast 50 would be a cool thing but 50 laps opc would be really tough. They're so prone to flipping. Especially after many laps of race water. Stop everything and retrieve. Could take quite some time.
    glue sniffer

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    Terry the 50 lap event is an offshore event and is separate to the Polar Bear. It would be 50 laps following the the NAMBA offshore theme. So M type course and offshore style boats, revolts, lucas oils, you know, the usual stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T.S.Davis View Post
    That fast 50 would be a cool thing but 50 laps opc would be really tough. They're so prone to flipping. Especially after many laps of race water. Stop everything and retrieve. Could take quite some time.
    Thats what I was thinking...the race flyer is pretty vague.

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    Hello and welcome race fans. I’d like to clarify a few things for our upcoming event on November 6th.

    First “The Polar Bear Cup” now has three classes.

    The “Mini outboard “ class is meant to be fun and give people a chance to run any type of outboard under 20 inches. The rules are very open because there are so many different types of combinations out there. This also would include the Shark hull even though the outboard is fake, the rudder is on the outboard. Again this is strictly for fun and to run the many new mini outboard products.

    The “P-limited” class is the same as years past and all normal rules apply. Hull must be tunnel type and look like a GP style outboard with total functioning outboard.

    The “Open” class is new and meant to be an open pallet for outboard power. The only restrictions are 6S max battery and total functioning outboard. Any type of hull is allowed.

    We will run 3 rounds of each class.

    This is also the first “Indy Fast Fifty Relay Race”.
    This is a Relay race between 2 person teams running P-Limited Offshore boats on the Offshore course.

    The course will be our “M” offshore course at Shadeland Pond (which is smaller than official course).
    Each team must have three people. Two with boats and a dedicated score keeper/lap counter. (See score sheet attachment)
    We’ll use the traditional 30 second countdown start.
    Each buoy cut will be recorded and have a one lap penalty. All lap penalties must be made up.
    If a boat flips or stops on the course a whistle will sound indicating all boats complete their current lap and come to shore. Once the course is clear the dead boat will be retrieved.
    After retrieval, racing will resume using leman’s style start.
    Each team is allowed two retrievals. (a single driver using both retrievals or each driver using one). A third retrieval for a team means they are out of the race.
    The handoff from one driver to the next is performed on the shore. The incoming boat must be placed on the stand before the outgoing boat is lifted from its stand.
    A boat should never cut the course unless told to by the CD.
    The first team to complete all 50 laps plus penalty laps wins.

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    Great weather today and a good turn out for the last 2 events on the Indy Admirals Fast Electric Calendar.

    Outboard Tunnels


    The Fast Fifty was great, ran smooth as could be with all 5 teams of 3 people completing the fifty laps. There were at least two teams (maybe more, apologies if that was the case) that completed the 50 laps without the use of the life lines (rescue boat). Would have loved to have the wife video it, but I got her side tracked as score keeper (sorry).

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    I must say I'm very pleased with the "Indy Fast fifty" race. We had 5 teams racing and all 5 finished 50 laps. Everyone did a great job driving and we only had 3 interruptions out to dead boats. The race took 30 minutes to complete. The weather couldn't have been better. Sunny and 70 with no wind.

    Congratulations to the big winners Mike S. and Mike K. with team lap counter Casey.

    I think everyone agreed they would do it again.

    I'd like to thank everyone for participating this year and I look forward to next year.

    Mike Y.

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    Great running, lots of fun and banter, good weather, perfect day really. Still say heat 3 was a jump

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    6s Outboard, would have loved to see this wide open throttle and stay on the water. Maybe next year......?? Lots of sentimental memories in this boat, nice job Mike.

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    Looked like a perfect day. We had the same weather up here in Chicago. I know that area well, Purdue grad, might have to make a trip down some weekend next summer.
    Vac-U-Tug Jr (13mph)

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    Normally its super windy, this is an exception to the norm. But yes, it was a great day. I'm sure the locals would love to see an extra boiler-maker at an event.



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