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Thread: 1/8 scale Miss Circus Circus

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    Well I am at the steps of applying the lower sponson skins. I am thinking that I should of bought a fiberglass hull instead of the dumas kit. Anyhow I have too much time invested in the wood kit to turn back now. This is my first scale FE build . Does any of the experienced people have any tips on flex cable, cable housing, strut and rudder Motor and battery placement front to back. I plan on running a Leopard LBP 5682/ 3Y (910) with a Swordfish 200 amp ESC and Two 4S 6000mAH lipo batteries in series for 8S to start out on and maybe going to 10S some day later on. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated. I am not racing this but I want something fast to run up and down the river. Motor rpm on 8S is around 26000 and 10S is 32000. Not sure if 26000 is too slow of an rpm or not. Also will start out with a Octura X450 prop. I am going off the RCI FE Boat calc for this info.
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    How did it go?



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