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Thread: 153mph new run

  1. Cool 153mph new run

    Hey folks wanted to show you my other hobby my decent run
    let me know what you think guys thanks

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    Amazing. So hard to see for the distance with a car though. Sure is a beaut road for it .

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    32" carbon rivercat single 4s 102mph, 27” mini Rivercat 92mph, kbb34 91mph, jessej micro cat(too fast) was

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    thanks guys, yeh 1/8 scale looks slower then 1/10 but larger objects seem slower.. Thank you all for watching the video!!

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    Nice Job we have a XO-1 at 103 last time out I know slow compared to 153 is that body F/G reinforced great job impressive

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    Yeh I fiberglassed my body and helped alot, the xo1 body weak point is body flexes but fiberglass inside heps alot and x01 with 8s on good motor can be really fast even 100mph is fast considering its a Rc car.thank you for watching video if u need anything il try to help

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    i will be doing speed traps soon so i can officially be fastest 1/8 scale rc , did anouther run 164mph with motor change and esc tweaks and hope for even more.

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    Wow, that's awesome;

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    thanks gsbuickman.. I need to get back out there and try some more ideas out.

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    we just went 146 with our XO! we have been hard at work we just need a runway like you have thank you



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