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Thread: Pro Boat Miss Geico V1 upgrades

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    Default Pro Boat Miss Geico V1 upgrades (forum newbie)

    I am looking to upgrade my older Miss Geico with new ESC (stock is rated at 45A), new motor and new set of batteries (likely 2 3s with new ESC, am using 2 2s now). I have a stainless steel prop and will install an offset rudder kit I am buying from Kintec Racing. I am seeking the advice from anyone who has gone through similar process and is happy with new build. Also, I am wondering whether she might need more than upgraded parts to support the additional power (i.e. hull reinforcements). I also read that "blueprinting the sponsons" is a must for great performance. The stock sponsons look pretty smooth/flat to me and the hull handles nicely currently. Should I leave it alone and see what happens with the additional power or should I do this as part of the upgrade process?
    I appreciate any guidances anyone can offer. Thank you!
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