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Thread: Planned mods on target?

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    Default Planned mods on target?

    I have a Rio EP that my daughters run while we are at the pond and am looking into getting another one so they will each have there own. I have tweaked the setup on the first one by removing the left rudder blade and moving the tabs up ( they were hanging below the hull causing un-nessesary drag). I am planning to mod the new one right out of the box but it can't be too fast or daughter won't want to run it. Here is what I'm planning.

    Rio Ep
    Traxxas Titan 21T motor
    Aquacraft 30A 2-3s lipo ready esc for brushed motors
    3s 35c 5000Mah battery
    I want to pick up a Grim 42x55 metal prop and also an ABC 1714/2 to try
    OSE 3.18mm to 3mm motor coupler
    OSE .130 cable system for 3/16 props

    I realize I will have to modify the stuffing tube at the transom to accept the 3/16" prop shaft but that shouldn't be a huge deal.

    Does this sound like a workable system or are there other better recommendations?

    Jeff Lee

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    All the 540/550 motors I have seen have a 1/8" shaft, are you sure you don't need a 3.17-3.2, .125"-.130" or 1/8"-1/8" coupling for that flex?
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    you're correct I do need an 1/8" on the motor end and a .130 on the cable end. I got confused trying to do all the conversions because no one lists the parts in the same system. Also tower has 1/8" listed as 3mm on the stock motor coupler.

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    I notice info on parts sizes is difficult to find for the Rio ep. Aquacraft simply calls it a wire drive but gives no specifics on size. I got the 1/8" from the motor coupler which as above Tower has listed as both ends being 3mm with 1/8" in ( )

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    The collet you need is here...

    Scroll down till you get to the 1/8 x 1/8 Stainless steel 2pc collet that fits a 1/8" (3.175mm) motor shaft and .125 flex cable. $8.00 ea

    It will also work with most 540 BL motors - note: some BL motors have 4mm or 5mm shafts. He has 4mm x 1/8" & 5mm x 1/8" for those applications.

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    Why not just make a brushless setup?
    It will also run a lot cooler too than the brushed motor setup.

    My youtube videos.

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    Year-and-a-half-old thread, I'm sure he has already chosen the drive setup by now....if he even bought the boat in the first place.

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