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Thread: Indy Admirals Racing rules for 2016

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    Default Indy Admirals Racing rules for 2016

    Here are the rules for 2016. (updated after the meeting)

    Racing Rules 2016 updated.pdf
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    Gee Wizz trigger, That's two of my favorite classes that you guys have changed. The first one was scale and now you are going to limit the Unlimited class. How come?

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    I think we're still having open class depending on interested folks, the thought was a few more people might get into P hydro if it was a defined class, P hydro is basically what you 3 were doing in open but putting it back to 4s to tame it a little bit. It's something for the proposed meeting if you want to make suggestions.

    Scale is still kinda there, but calling it P-limited LSH, there was so few scale boats, sometimes only 2 and only 2 or 3 hydros, it made sense to put them together. Again, Once the CD has a meeting arranged feel free to make suggestions. If you have a scale, you can certainly run it.

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    When is the meeting?

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    Mike should post details later on, keep checking here.

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    The fast electric meeting will be Thursday February 11 at Clay Township Government Center (106th and College Ave.). This the same night as the normal Admirals monthly meeting. I plan to wrap up the general meeting so we can start a fast electric specific meeting at 8:00. It can be off to one side if need be.

    Subjects for discussion:
    Classes to run this year
    Location of the races this year
    Driving infraction Review
    Anything else members want to discuss

    This is a meeting scheduled so racers can meet in person to talk and socialize. It doesn't mean communication can’t start now.

    The classes we run we’re selected to target what people have and want to run. The club will always listen to ideas and suggestions and make changes accordingly. Some limiting factors are total number of classes we can run. Nine different classes seems to be the limit as far as time goes. With that in mind, a new class could be added, but an existing class might need to be cut. Another limiting factor is safety. Having a 6S open class appeared to need a larger pond. Limiting the open class to 4S seems to be the solution, which basically means “P Hydro.

    An effort is being made to find an additional pond to Shadeland. Avon is the top contender, but this is very preliminary, needing approvals and a welcome. Pluses and minuses to both sites.

    I’ve purposely thrown out some info to start communication. I realize not many members see or read this, but at least it’s a start. Any subject welcome.


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    At the end of last season you were excited about the Q Offshore class which is a 6S class. Are you also doing away with this class?

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    That’s a good point. The Q offshore has a natural speed limit which is running for 4 minutes. The 6S outriggers did 6 laps in 1 minutes 12 seconds. I mentioned the idea to Mika about limiting to 4S and he seamed ok. Still it’s the heart of building season so if you or others want to build and race 6S Hydros we could just keep it the same which is basically “Q Hydro”.

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    I drove up to Grand Park today and it would suit our needs just fine. It is approximately 10 miles north of I-465 straight up 31. I talked to Brian Brozek and he suggested I contact Lee Shroyer and have him run it through the proper channels with Grand Park. Tomorrow I will try to contact Lee and see what I can do. Dave Mc

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    Thanks Dave, see you tomorrow.

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    Sorry I missed the meeting Trigger. I've been sick for the past week. Was anything discussed about Grand Park or anywhere else? Should I continue with trying to contact them? Dave Mc

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    Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, there appears to be a lot of germs floating around at the moment.

    There was some discussion on the topic of location, there is an issue of the 5 gallon marker floats (7 used) the sail folks use, these would present an obstacle for us FE folks. I got the impression everyone agreed that a move is goodness and appreciated your effort, but sharing the pond was easier said than done because those markers are permanent (all season) and the pond is a little smaller. Other locations were not discussed in detail, but the Clermont exit on west I465 (Waterfront) location was mentioned as an option.

    Already contacted and rejected were the Pyramids location off I465 and the Roche facility.

    Other ideas have included Lilly Ponds centrally located, the “just add water” pond, and the Scouts location on the east side of I465. I’m sure there are more ideas, these are the ones that sprang to mind.

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    See Post 1 - Updated the rules for 2016 after the FE meeting was held.



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