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Thread: The 2016 Duel in the Pool

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    Default The 2016 Duel in the Pool

    Please see the attached flyer for details of the upcoming 2016 Duel in the Pool. These events are a blast, some boating fun in the warmth of the pool while the snow flies outside. Note we share the pool with our scale friends, so we will switch the action up every 30 mins.

    2016 Duel in the Pool Flyer.pdf

    Here is a video reminder of last years racing.

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    I'm getting excited for some much needed boating fun, can't wait to see everyone and there their projects.

    Here's another video of the mini boat action from last years event.

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    I'm looking forward to it as well Trigger, thanks for making it happen guys!

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    We owe this one to SB - Make sure you you give him a pat on the back for organizing it. I think there is even going to be food there.

    Must get some scale photo shots too this year to post up. Also don't forget your shorts, it was seriously hot in there last year.

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    I'll be sure to tell him thank you the next time we talk.I think I better sign offline and start getting the toys ready.

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    Today is the big day, see everyone in a few short hours.

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    Great day at the pool today, sorry no videos from the videotographer today since she was unable to attend........It was great to see everyone and have some like minded boating talk.

    There is a clip on the FB page

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    Here are the results.2016 Brownsburg Results.pdf

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    This coming Sunday is another round of Pool fun. There are no FE events planned, we have been spoiled with the Brownsburg pool, Carmel is really too small. That said we will likely do some "off the cuff runs" during none scale time. Remember its a small pool, 2s max, with mini boats more suited to this pool (mini boat 3s OK) Nothing wild and crazy please. Hopefully lots of good fun. I may even bring a very light ball for some tug boat fun and games.

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    EDIT - This weekends event is SATURDAY not Sunday as note above.



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