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Thread: Traxxas Spartan Upgraded w/ Paint job

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    Default Traxxas Spartan Upgraded w/ Paint job

    Hey Everyone,

    Just finished moding out my Traxxas Spartan.

    I based the paint job off of the real electric boat that AMG produced with Cigarette. I am running 2 Max Amps 8000 mhz 6S Lipos on this boat with the stock castle esc and castle motor. Everything else that can be upgraded is upgraded on the boat...turn fins, trim tabs, rudder with dual intake, splash guard, props, 3/16" drive shaft, and second water outlet. Going to take it out soon to start dialing it in. I would be open to suggestions regarding turn fin positioning, trim tab positioning, strut positioning, and prop size.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,
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    That looks sick!

    Nice job on the paint work for sure!
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    Plastic hull not worthy of such sweet paint

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    That's nice love the look

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    nice job .......looks great

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    Old thread. Beautiful boat.
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