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    Maiden voyage dinogy 5000mah 14.8 42mm Graupner K series prop
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    just wondering if you can help me out, have picked up a hawk partly built but no info or plans with it so i am trying to find out the distance from the rear to where the flex tube drops put of the hull. Cheers Dale.

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    Three-year-old thread, and the OP hasn’t been on the site for over two years. Don’t expect him to reply....

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    Ok thanks, just trying to get some info on the hawk.

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    let me know all the info you need about setting up the Hawk as my mate has one so i can get measurements from him.

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    Only rely need to no the distance from the transom to where the flex tube drops out of the bottom of the hull, cheers.

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    the Hawk has an S bent shaft log so it is best if you fit the motor first and then cut out the shaft log slot to suit. remember the Hawk was designed for glow power not electric so your going to have to re position where the motor is to be . you can either mount the motor as close to the rear sponson boom as you can and adjust esc and battery pack to suit c.o.g. or mount the motor in the radio bay compartment section close to bulkhead and position esc and battery up front. Look at the zippkits jae 21/fe build threads and take note where the motor is mounted, not sure if theres enough space to fit the battery pack / s between the sponson booms on the Hawk. the idea is to get the correct c.o.g. and then the Hawk will go well.
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    Cheers, that is a great . It will be a slow build so i get it set up just right.

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    If you can find any info on the Hawk 3.5 that designer Gary Pruess [ not sure on spelling ] did some years ago, this will also be handy for you as he did some upgrade mods that makes this rigger handle even better. lets us know how you progress.



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