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Thread: How do you tell if you should ask for warranty on a nanotech?

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    Default How do you tell if you should ask for warranty on a nanotech?

    I'm new at this. I have a nanotech 4s 5000 mah 65-130c lipo. I have an accucell6 80 watt 10 amp charger. It say's that I have a resistance of 4 on cell 1 and a resistance 1 on the other three cells. Is this ok or should I be asking for warranty. The battery is 3 weeks old with about 7runs on it. Thanks for the help guys.

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    Oh dear, nanotech! It should be ok and may get better but no guarantees. I find that the resistance values can change a little with ambient temperature. Don't push it too hard and you will get some use out of it. Nanos aren't known for being great batteries. The standard turnigy blue 40c are better value IMO. Some get good use from zippy's and others like Revolectrix and Dinogy are better generally. There are a number of threads on batteries. Just make sure to balance and store them correctly, and also DON'T over discharge the nano.
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