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Thread: Collet coupler for BJ24

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    Default Collet coupler for BJ24

    Ok, now this boat is really starting to annoy the CRAP out of me. Horizon was kind enough to replace my motor recently at no charge. Got the motor installed and then I accidentally cracked the coupler.

    Got another one and now it spun the shaft loose again. This was even a fairly new shaft that I recently replaced from the last time I had this happen.

    The problem is these 2 parts seem to be of very low quality especially the coupler. I read a review on Horizon's website that another individual had the same problems that I'm currently having. Seems like they can't take the strain this boat puts on them for long.

    I am however getting really tired of having to replace these parts almost regularly as it is starting to add up $$$ wise. I will be on my 4th flex shaft and 3rd coupler assembly.

    2000kv motor on 3S equals about 25,200 RPM. That is pretty significant.

    I plan to replace the stock flex shaft with the one that OSE sells as an upgrade but the coupler I'm not sure of. I'd like to try the Octura short length 5mm to .150 coupler that is recommended but I'm not sure if it would fit. At 24mm, it is a bit longer than the stock one. If I had to, I could always drill new holes in the mounting plate and move the motor back a bit.

    I'd love to try one of the Aeromarine couplers but at 30mm in length, I think these would be way too long.

    It's really a shame that this is happening. I love this boat when it runs properly.

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    I ran the Octura short 5mm to .150 coupler and it fits just fine. When I got my leopard 3660, I broke off an allen wrench tip in the setscrew and couldn't drill it out. OSE was closed the week that happened and had to buy an aquacraft one to replace it and will be swapping it back to the Octura on my next order. I also have the OSE shaft in mine and it was the best upgrade I have purchased. I feel as if this OSE shaft will probably last forever. Most important thing you can do is to lube it after every day you run it and leave at least a 2mm space between the strut and prop drive collar. Both of them are very important to making the flex shaft last from what I have found out.

    The Octura coupler is much nicer than the Aquacraft. The Aquacraft is rusting really bad and it has some runout to it.



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