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    Just a thought ....but after reading a lot of these, it seems people are looking for what ,modifications,what prop, what motor set ups work with what others are using, so with that in mind how about a section with home builds, RTR's, that have a mono's, cats, & hydro's category, where people post the set ups and mods that worked for them. Example: Dannyboy has a rivercat that he runs with 14.8v 5000mah, a #5204 motor with a m555 prop and does 65mph for 3 min ,but also found that the OSE #3333 rudder works a lot better tweeked than part#12345 .I also reinforced... but also changed up shaft size to. Ect. Ect. There's a lot of guys proud of what they've built. Just something for the suggestion box
    SW26 V3 Green 35mph , Swifter Hydro 26. Delta Force 35. cars ,3 Rustlers 45-76 Mph.

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    That works for me................. HA!



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