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Thread: Prop upgrade 54.5Mph

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    Default Prop upgrade 54.5Mph

    Hey Guys just an FYI...

    I have stock electronics and have been doing some testing/experimenting. I have the water cooling upgrades such as bigger tubing and dual inputs and bigger rudder. I have a sting strut with .78 wire drive and I did a GPS check with the stock plastic prop and got 48Mph and after that installed the Octura x442 and got up to 54.5Mph. This is in no way ground breaking numbers or shatering any speed records just wanted to put it out there for everyone.

    The boat is running stable and running great with this setup. I had a little scare and thought I blew the motor, but it was just the collet on the motor that let loose. I had to tighten it up and the prop nut and I was good to go again.

    That is it for upgrades with the stock electronics. Next I have plans for upgraded ESC , Motor and Props (HobbyWing 180 V3, CC1515 and Prather 215 220

    I will repost once the other mods are done. I'm just going slow soI will do one component at a time starting with ESC. Also going to EC5 connectors

    Have out there on the water!
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    I'm pretty much where your at. Got a Spartan, made some good mods, and need some more for the speeds I'm doin'.
    This is my 1st post on the Forum, and I must say, there's a wealth of info on this site!!
    Today was my 3rd outing with her, and I finally flipped her.
    Retrieval Tug got her back.
    It was the first time I had her in glass. She chined a lil less, but eventually I had too much fun.
    I guess the next mod is another set of trim tabs.
    Mine is oem cept' for cooling, the stinger, wiredrive, and a x442. New 3s 5200mah 50c's.
    I'm havin' a ball with this stuff. Spartans are a challenging ride for sure.

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    What helped me with my spartan were the following modifications and I am steadily running in the low 60's: 5" Rudder with twin water pick ups, twin 5mm trim tabs, 75mm turning fins, Octura 446 prop on 6S. The rudder makes all the difference and the chin walk is gone. Love the set up. Hope this helps.



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