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Thread: SCSTA May 3rd Event - P-Ltd Cat, 1/10 Scale Vintage & Modern

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    Default SCSTA May 3rd Event - P-Ltd Cat, 1/10 Scale Vintage & Modern

    I must say that the SCSTA puts on a perfect mix of fun racing combined with a beautiful "day in the park " vibe.

    Props to Messers Ast and Feeback

    An uncharacteristically small number of qualified classes this time kept things humming : Race, Re- Charge, pit (I pitted for a big gasser Thunderboat buddy, throwing that huge buzzing monster in at each start), and repeat 'till early afternoon. Even so, the vibe was as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Ray and Ted came all the way from Phoenix and added to the registrations to make classes.

    Sunday in the park :

    SCSTA Sunday May 3008.jpg SCSTA Sunday May 3007.jpg

    The 1/10 Scales were getting FAST with a commensurate rise in hazards. A 1/10 Vintage heat :

    1/10 Scale Modern :

    Ray's Modern added realism at the start by belching out some smoke from the motor - unfortunately it had some kind of negative effect on its forward progress

    SCSTA Sunday May 3005.jpg

    P-Ltd Cat had seven entries (yay) so there was to be 2 flights BUT both Mikes missed the first heat so we went with five. They showed for the next heats so we went off with SEVEN. Oh, that first turn at the start

    P-Ltd Cat is getting FASTER and FASTER but carnage is also somewhat increasing. I played Turtle to everyone else's Hare and with propellers from Mike S. & Jesse bumped up a tiny bit faster (but still way behind the fastest boats) but finished all four heats for a nice point count. This is stacking up to a nice, competitive series (with thanks to the AZ guys for spicing it up + adding to both 1/10 Scale classes).

    Looking forward to the next dates !

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    we need to include a throwout for this series..hard to make all the races..gonna try..but ted will not be there for next date..and im not sure if i will have a modern to really dont want to drive that far for one class



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