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Thread: The 2015 FE racing season Thread.

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    Default The 2015 FE racing season Thread.

    April 26th sees the start of the FE racing season; personally, I can’t wait to get it started. The first time out is always fun, seeing what people have been building over the winter months, checking out peoples stealth projects .

    A few reminders.

    1. The course is bigger this year – The width went from 60 to 70 feet and the straights went from 236 to 286. This is as big as we can go in this pond.

    2. Please let’s all continue to be safe. If you see “the public” close to the waters edge during a race, please politely remind them to move back. Please be careful on the bank as it can be slippery, and don’t forget to be careful with your LiPo’s……we dont want any

    3. The rules are posted in this forum and on the Admirals web page, please review them. The rules are to keep the racing competitive and keep the fun factor in place. The rules are open for debate, normally after the monthly events, remember and respect that the FE director gets the final say.

    4. The schedule is posted on the Admirals web page should you have questions about race dates.

    5. Racing is racing – If you are not prepared for a scratch or hole or even total loss , please don’t race. Accidents happen to us all, nothing is intentional. That said, drive with care, hold lanes, don’t cut. We all make mistakes……sometimes $h*t just happens.

    6. Photo’s and videos – If you get some cool ones please don’t forget to give them to Scott or post them here for others to enjoy.

    7. Have FUN.

    Can’t wait to see you all pond side.

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    It's finally feeling like Spring in Indiana! - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
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    Yes it is - Hope you've dialed in, I was at the local pond today........

    Aquacraft commited to ship end of season treasure in September too, so between them and Steve here on OSE there is real booty to be had this year. So looking forward to it!!

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    Is the Shadeland pond open to boating at any time? Is it ok to use a canoe for a chase boat on the pond? I want to be sure and abide by any agreements we have with the owner.

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    I don't know is the honest answer, there are others that run there for practice, but I think they use retrieval RC boats and not a canoe. It might be worth asking at the next event on the 26th. I know we have attracted interest before from law enforcement before out in the John boat.

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    Don't forget guys, tomorrow is the big day.

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    Nice weather! - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
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    We all had a great day - attendance was a little light, but it felt great to get in the groove. As I get more video uploaded, I'll post them.

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    Sweet. Beautiful day. Sorry I couldn't join you. - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
    SSMA #01M9382

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    Here's a little more footage but im not sure why the vidoes arent embedding.There was a blow over in the first catamaran race that was fun to see

    There was a nice save in lap 1 during heat #2 in the cat class, it looked like a wheelie.

    Here's the Outboard class


    The 6s class, there wasn't much going on there but it was a chilly day, I'm guessing people are still tuning and warming up.I bought a Spartan to mess with in this class but I'm still getting used to it and stocking up on big 3s packs, I hope I can join them soon.

    Novice Races, they did great this time, they claimed they haven't practiced much but they seemed to be more comfortable and enjoying it more.

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    Some good footage captain, I think we all had issues during the day in one way or another, but next time around people will have the boats tweaked in and attendance normally takes an up tick during the warmer nicer days. In offshore its not uncommon to have 10 boats....... Looking forward to next Saturday to get a bit more tuning in time on the water.

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    Yes, great videos. Thanks for posting them Captain.

    Results can be found on the Indianapolis Admirals web page under the race area. There's a button labeled Race Results 2015. We had 17 people racing 30 boats. Several people had conflicts and will hopfuly make it to our next club race Sunday May 17th. We also had some new racers who did well for there first time out.

    Hope to see a big turn out as well this Saturday in Avon Indiana for the Spring Fling.

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    I am looking forward to next weekend also, Scott and everyone involved have done a great job with that.I'm packing as much as I can, I've already started lol.

    Thank you for mentioning the results, that'll add a lot of fun to the season.I might have to change my name to #2 lol
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    This coming weekend is the 2nd event in the summer series, hopefully the weather will co-operate. Get making those last moment tweaks/adjustments and we will see you pond side.

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    Coming for final scores.jpg
    Racers coming in to get final results

    Dave and Owen duked it out in offshore dave first followed by Owen.jpg
    Owen and Dave after a battle in offshore Dave first and Owen (younger) second. Good job guys.

    Mini boats launch Paul and Owen.jpg
    Owen and Paul at Mini boat launch

    Parker in Grandpa Dee's boating suit.jpg
    Parker in Dee Hughey's old boating suit

    Patrick had an accident with some rocks.jpg
    Patrick found the rocks like many of us did today (we are blaming a radio dead spot.........)

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    Hope everyone gets repaired. Sounds like some mean rocks! - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
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    This weekend is the 3rd round of FE Boat racing for the admirals. Can't wait to see everyone, hopefully the weather will be kind to us.

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    Today was a great day of racing action, the high winds made for challenging driving conditions, a lot of airborne boats today, the retrieval boat got a very good work out. Videos to follow.

    Two Geico's getting upto speed

    Close racing action in LSH

    The next Gen of racers getting ready for novice class

    The Miss Madision from H&Y Racing

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    LSH Class (P-Limited)
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    Cat Class (P-Limited)
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    Looks like you guys had fun. That was a crazy start to the cat race

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    Yes Dan we did have a fun day, lots of boats running - the wind was making driving tricky, it was gusty.

    Offshore Class (P-Limited)
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    LSH (P-Limited) Class Heat 3 - Some real tight action, coupled with wind, these guys were on it.

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    Open Class - Both of these speed monsters were in development, once dialed in, these are going to be a great (Yellow 6s, Green 4s) (6s max Limit)
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    Outboard Tunnels (P-Limited) - heat 2. The high wind conditions made these a handful

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    This weekend will be our next event - Hope to see everyone there. Don't forget we will be trying out Q-offshore (6s). Again the weather experts are calling for showers, so watch the forum, email and facebook in case the weather looks bad.

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    We faced some interesting challenges this weekend with the high water displacing the turn markers. Hopefully the markers can be re-located once the water levels return to normal (if it ever stops raining)...... Also I don't think we have had a race day where it’s been calm winds, hopefully as the summer takes hold we will get some weather conducive to some high speed quality racing action. It’s been a real challenge just to stay in the race never mind race for position.

    As soon as I get the videos on line I'll post them up. Hopefully out of all the races I’ll at least have a few with some good footage.

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    Open Class heat 1

    Outboard Tunnels heat 1

    P limited Cats Heat 2

    P Limited Cats heat 3

    P Offshore heat 2

    P Offshore Heat 3

    Q Offshore heat 3
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    Putting these great videos on our Facebook site now.

    Sorry to miss the racing. We were going fast on the water where I was at my Dad's. Well, a pontoon boat pulling kids on Norris Lake in Tennessee, LOL.

    I normally take some RC stuff, but the car was too full this time, so I didn't have any toys.
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