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    I am building a 1/12 scale Pay n Pak to run in our sport hydro and scale hydro classes. The rules for motor seem pretty vague. Are we restricted to the UL-1 motor, or can any 36mm motor under 2030kv be used? I am not trying for any advantage, or anything, but there are cheaper motors available than the Aquacraft 36-56-2030.


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    The classes and rules we have were based on boats in the club, most of which were either Aquacraft or Proboat. With these boats aging through time and racing, it is inevitable this issue has become more prominent. With the true stock sprit in mind, other motors will be allowed as long as they’re no larger in size or wattage to the AQ motor. Our emphasis is on fun, so flexibility and compromise is needed to continue.

    Glad to see you this past Sunday,
    Mike Yount
    The Indianapolis Admirals Fast Electric Director

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    Are you guys using the 3 blade UL-1 prop in sport hydro? Also how large a battery is needed to get through a race?

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    Patrick, different people use different props, it's the choice of the racer. Some do use 3 blades others do not. Battery, I'd say 5000mah is the normal standard, with a pack or packs making 4S. Nearly all of mine are this size.

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    Ok, thanks

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    There are some leopards close to size and power (W) of the Aquacraft if thats helps. I wouldn't think these would be worlds apart.

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    I bought a Leopard 3650 2090kv. It is 2mm shorter than the Aquacraft, and 60 kv higher. Only $57 with a free cooling jacket.

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    It's super close for sure. Now if you're the fast boat, we all know why....

    Mike - Keep an eye on this guy, LOL.

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    Is 20c batteries enough, or should I aim higher

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    oohhhhh no, not even close - lowest I have are 40c and those can suffer. I love the thunder powers, dinogy and revolextrics, all cost more, but have out lasted all my cheap packs and they still have plenty of life left for our type of running.



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