I recently got into rc boats (flown planes heli's and quads for years). I have purchased an Impulse 31 v2 and a HK Pursuit. My main question is weather the I31 would be upgraded with the stock Pursuit motor, (ordered Leopard 4074 2150kv for Pursuit with 200 amp esc). The stock Pursuit motor is an SSS 3660 1620 kv motor and is longer than the stock I31 motor. I have 4s and 5s 5000mah battery's, and a seaking 120a that could be swapped with the stock 80a esc. The props that I have (or coming, just ordered some from here) are the stock I31 and Pursuit ones (not sure what they are) octura: m445, x442,m440 and x642. I have not run the I32 much (temps here now are in teens here) but it did ok with the stock setup on 5s and when I run it on 4s with the x642 it was very loose and I haven't had a chance to run it after some trim changes. I am looking for a solid 45 mph with a dependable setup on the I31 and 50mph solid and dependable with the Pursuit. So what do you guys think , leave it stock or switch. And are my expectations for these 2 boats with my current hardware reasonable?
Thanks for any input: