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Thread: 2015 Indiana Spring fling (MAY)

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    Default 2015 Indiana Spring fling (MAY)

    This May will see the annual spring fling held at the Avon Town Hall Park. This isn't just boats, but includes clubs from around the area showcasing all RC disciplines. The Blacksheep will be on hand for aerial flights of all kinds, Indy Admirals for boats of all types and various car guys. It should be a great fun filled day for all people interested. Bring along your RC gear, make some new friends and have some fun.

    Scott has been the guy behind the scenes making this all happen. Thanks Scott


    Map to the Town Hall Park;id=15

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    It should be a lot of fun. The Avon Parks department is looking at it as a way for us to enjoy ourselves, but also give new people a chance to see what R/C model hobbies are all about. The Avon American Legion will be providing concessions. I'm told they make some great grub! We will have a check-in spot for those wanting to participate and some nice raffle prizes.

    Photo is during a sailing regatta. Big 9-acre lake.

    SpringFling2014d.jpg - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
    SSMA #01M9382

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    Looks like a sweet location for an event!

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    I will have a Lucas Oil Cat and a Venom King Of Shaves Fountain for sale there if people are ready to jump in.
    Also we will have mini Wild Cats for the kids to try out to get their feet wet in our sport
    beating amsoil boat. 1 race at a time !!!

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    The Town of Avon is now promoting the Spring Fling RC Festival heavy. They said they are sending posters to the schools, church groups, YMCA, community and newspaper. Should be a fun day for us to play.;id=3896

    My biggest concern is still the RC Track area. I think we will go in that direction. Big open flat track. Maybe an on-road style, maybe just an oval. Depends on manpower and Parks Department resources. I'm meeting with the Parks Superintendent soon to discuss.

    Because airplane and boat guys have clubs, they are handling their portion of the RC Festival, no problem.

    Printable version: - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
    SSMA #01M9382

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    You'll note that FLY RC and RC Driver are sponsors. They are sending back issues for us to give away. They also said they would like a article done for publication. That's cool. Both magazines are owned by the same publisher. - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
    SSMA #01M9382

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    Its great that the city is helping/promoting this event...more cities should do that.

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    Great work Scott. Hope the weather is co-operative too, that will make it a truly memorable day.

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    Well, we do have a Rain Date of May 9th, the next Saturday. If it's pouring rain or tornados both days, then it wasn't meant to be. Those are the days you go to the hobby shop! - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
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    If I get the real raceboat back to US in time , do you want want me to bring it ?image.jpg
    beating amsoil boat. 1 race at a time !!!

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    I say YES, but we had better get the official go ahead from Scott.

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    Absolutely Michael! What a treat that would be for everyone. I remember seeing it at the Indianapolis Boat Sport & Travel Show a few years ago. It was the center piece. - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
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    It's the big day tomorrow, lot's of RC fun for the whole family. See you there.....

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    Some Photo's from a truly fantastic day, boats, planes, cars, and most of all, loads of fun for everyone.


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    Some of us fun running at the spring fling from on high

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    Here is a really nice video of the Spring Fling RC Festival. My daughter, Emma, is pretty darn good at this stuff as you will see. What makes this video even more special is that she focused on the people having fun. I would have focused only on models and servos and batteries. Lol.

    Enjoy: - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
    SSMA #01M9382



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