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    some video of my 8yr old son running his GP1, its all bone stock. Watch for the Barrel roll.....

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    He's pretty good at driving, especially for his age.I only ran my Gp1 a few times last fall, it still needs alot of tuning.I'm looking forward to getting beat by him next spring lol.

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    Roll on Spring time!

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    I just said spring because I'm not comortable with anything except a deep vee in the pool lol

    Nice video though, thanks for sharing.Have you tuned it much?Or is it 100% the way it came in the box?All I've done to mine was lower the strut depth about 1mm to help it plane, it needs lowered a little more but I have Aquacrafts new Blue prop so I want to try it before I do anything else.
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    Since the video, it has been further tuned. The rudder is changed and the prop is now a metal prop that is sharpened and balanced, other than that it's about the same. I want to do a change the servo and a change to the hatch to enable a no tape seal........oh the esc was a pain, waterproofed it.........

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    I think I ordered the same metal strut and rudder, I'm just waiting on it to arrive.Do you have any plans on trying the 2600kv Aquacraft motor?They have been going on sale at a very low price lately, I've seen them down to $25 in the past month.Since I got such a nice deal on the motor I decided to buy a scratch and dent Gp1 hull for it, so I'll have a Gp1 with each of Aquacrafts motors this spring, I'm just not very experienced with 3 point hydros yett so I'll have to grow into my second boat slowly.All I need is a Rx to finish building it though.

    I'm very interested in your hatch mod if you don't mind sharing.

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    My rudder is not store bought.....strut is stock. I haven't done the hatch mod yet, but when it's done I don't mind showing you.

    Nobody (within our race membership) has run the 2600 motor yet, it'll be interesting to see how the build runs on the water.

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    The motor got even cheaper over night, its $26 today straight from TH.You might want to pick one up if possible, they are well over 50% off today.

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    That is a good price, but my son doesn't need the speed, and I'm staying within the stock power limits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trigger View Post
    That is a good price, but my son doesn't need the speed, and I'm staying within the stock power limits.
    I haven't forgotten the stock power limits.With the extra amps the faster motor will draw I doubt it would finish a heat race anyway, at least not with the batteries I bought for the stock motor.Since its so cheap right now I just wanted to try helping others save some money.

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    Understood, I'm certainly not saying don't try it.

    you might spur something new.

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    Last night I started working on the used hull I bought.I only paid $10 for it, the seams on the starboard side were splitting so I decided to make it worth my time and smooth out the bow hoping it planes even better and catches less chop.

    I'm going to add airtraps and paint it before you'll see it in person.


    I used the backside of an Xacto knife to carefully scribe through the lip, but I still ended up with a small gap.I filled the gap with styrene and used Plastruct's Styrene cement to weld it water tight.

    To be sure its water tight I split a piece of 1/2" styrene tube in half, heated it up with a blow dryer until I could mold it on the bow, then I painted that with epoxy and glued it on like a bumper.


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    Very nice.

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    Thanks alot.I probably spent 3-4 hours working on that.I'm curious to see the rudder you made.

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    Your son is a great driver, naturally talented, unlike me... I would have beached that thing. lol...
    It rides better than some other videos that I have seen, looks like a fun boat!
    Too many boats, not enough time...

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    Thank you, The GP1 is fun, and is great for him to learn on, running on his own he's fine, it's when there is traffic he gets nervous......a few more seasons then I might be in trouble. LOL.



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