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Thread: Duel In the Pool 2015

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    Probably worth reminding folks that the next two events are back to back, the 28th at Carmel high school and then the 8th at Brownsburg.

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    The Brownsburg event is set up officially. We have been told that we will have the movable bulkheads sent to one end or the other so we can use the entire pool. That was a conversation with the Aquatics Director, so it should be the case when we get there. I will call her a few days prior to be "reminder oriented" as my wife calls it. :)


    Here's a link to the flyer: - Bringing Indiana Modelers Together
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    Any chance you could add the mini boats to the race schedule? I think there's enough of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trigger View Post
    Our club keeps focus on fun,
    dingdingding. You guys can't lose with that approach. There's no other reason really to play with toy boats.

    I watched some of your other vids on youtube. Really does look like fun. My son has been bugging me to try to arrange this for a couple years. Thinking about sending links to your videos to my local Aquatic center.

    Have a couple questions though.

    Does anyone give you grief about shaft grease? Do they want any kind of insurance?

    I think if we did it here it would have to be separate from my current club. I just think it's such a cool idea.
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    Dan – I think you’re talking about the micro boats the kids were playing with? Just like I said last time, we will try to fit it in, I agree there are enough people and boats to have a race, but 4 events (offshore, mini’s, kids, Micro’s) in 30 mins will be tough. We will try, but understand we share the pool and everyone wants to get their “fix”. In March when we have the full pool, I think we could run the Micro’s at one end at any time, this is certainly something for us to think about and run by the CD.


    Thank you, we try to keep the focus on fun and enjoyment for all.

    We have had no issues around grease, I do not know of any member that gets grease/oil happy though to cause an issue. We all appreciate the pool so we are normally on our best behavior. Thus far we have had no BP crisis at the pool LOL.

    The pool folks (both pools we use) require proof of insurance once a pool reservation is made.

    It’s great fun, and its warm in the pool, the pool life guard is on hand for retrieval of parts, boats, or anything that sinks. We make sure to tip them well. The pool walls though are not forgiving, if a driver makes a mistake it’s normally bad news, so we make sure to remind everyone at every event, don’t run if you’re going to get upset if an accident happens. But again the grin factor trump’s the risk factor for us.

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    Reminder next weekend and the weekend after, back to back rounds of RC boating fun. Come on out and have some fun.....

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    See you Saturday? Is there anyone interested in a Revolt?

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    I will be there Saturday. I'm sure someone will be interested, You might post it on our FB page or put sign on it at the pool.

    Are you guys coming to the full size pool event the following Sunday also?

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    I can't make it the following weekend. Will be out of town. Pretty bummed to miss the full pool.

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    Yeah, it'll be game on in the full pool, we could have really duked it out.

    How's about the summer series racing, are you guys planning on coming out to any of those?

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    Our primary focus is gas racing. We started out in electric. We have a full schedule this summer including the gas nats in New York. It doesn't look like we can make any of your summer races.

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    Last duel in the pool event for the year, this sunday held in Brownsburg IN. This time we will have the full size pool all to ourselves.

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