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Thread: noob here...connector/lipo questions...

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    Default noob here...connector/lipo questions...

    hello all

    my name is chris and i just recently "stole" an impulse 31 v2 off ebay...busted it for 2/3 the price. i bought it in the fall and only had one chance to get it in the water to make sure it actually worked just fine. i ran my two truck lipos...2s 5000mah 25c lipos in it. Did two full runs with it and i must say it is a sweet boat! I'm not so sure the LVC worked or not, if it did it didn't stop like it should have cause one of the lipos was below the cutoff point. But thats beside the point...

    i bought two 2s2p 8200 mah 50c SMC lipos for this boat. After doin some reading (after i bought them) i think i've found out 8200mah is a bit much. I have been RC'n trucks for quite a few years and the more mah you have the longer the run time. Thats what i was goin for when i bought these lipos. I run a traxxas slash so when i bought the SPC lipos i had traxxas plugs put on so i could use them in both the truck and the boat after switching the EC3 connectors to traxxas.

    My goal is runtime....not max speed. I do not plan on upgrading anything for the time being. Keeping it bone stock and running 4s. I bought an additional stock flex shaft and prop. I know there are better props out there but i'm just looking for a boat to keep for years and to have fun with it. Speed isn't everything when it comes to RCs for me. Now, as i said above, i want to keep the new lipos with the traxxas connectors the way they are so i can use them in my slash also along with my current two 2s 5000mah 25c lipos to use in the boat also. What i am wondering is if i can use traxxas connectors and be fine with the whole amp draw thing and not melt anything. I've read some stuff and to be honest it gets confusing when it comes to all the amperage....voltage....etc etc.

    i want max runtime and want to use traxxas connectors if possible. So can i make a parallel connector to use in the boat with traxxas connectors?

    thanks for future responses

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    Hey Chris...I am in somewhat similar of a situation. I run a Slash 4*4 and my son runs his built from scratch SC truck. He has recently bought a Revolt and I am buying an Impulse soon. We use Deans connectors on everything currently (the Slash was changed to use Deans versus the stock Traxxas plugs).

    The thing to do as I understand it from web browsing and talking to others more knowledgeable than me is to use 5.5mm bullet connectors on boats and solder the hot wire with a female plug to avoid any accidental contact on the hot wire side.

    I'm still learning and hope this helps.

    I see that Progressive RC has EC5 connectors with plastic shrouds. See here:

    They are rated at 120A.

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