I write this on sad heart felt news that my new impulse sank and was not able to be recovered. It was my 4th run with the new boat and I was happy. After the initial couple of runs I decided I liked the new boat and that she was a keeper so she went into the shop and got the treatment, new OSE flex cable and HD coupler, S&B prop, Jordan turn fins which worked great, adjustable trim tabs, new set of 2s lipos and new set of 3s lipos, all connector switched over to HD everything realigned, balanced and trimmed. So on the infamous day I was doing some runs to see how the boat was handling and she worked great except for a little bouncy, not a big deal just needed some tuning. I had slowed down and was coming back past the dock so I gave it some throttle she gave a little jump hit her own wake from before and did submarine about 4 to 5 inch under water, but I only put one piece of tape across the hatch because I was only running 2s lipo to just tune up the boat and check temps, the boat hatch came off and the boat went down in matter of seconds ! People on the Pier couldn't believe what they just saw, once we saw what was happening to are surprise we ran down the pier, the beach and the dock and everyone dove in but no luck the water is about 15 to 20 feet there on a self next to a channel. So this weekend now 3 days later, I had a diver who I know go down with no luck he said it was rough water last couple of days at night and it most likely got pulled with the current and is now deep 30 ft. He felt bad and did not charge me.
I was informed from Horizon that with out the boat they can not do anything. Then I was informed about the fact of If you get enough water in the boat yes they will sink, Oh my I said, what is enough ? and I was told there have been no problems with impules31v2 sinking, maybe they need to look at you tube( proboat impulse sinks lol) my boat did the same thing.
Maybe you guys can help understand this sinking because I am confused. this is not my first time boating and have had everything happen on the water except my r/c boats sinking.