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    has anyone run a ul1 and aquacraft esc in one of these ? I don't want to put it in and burn up the motor

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    If you do this set up, watch VERY closely on the temp, the motor is fine for a three point hydro, I would prefer to have the 1800kv in a mono. Start with a smaller prop like M440 or X440.
    Also pay attention the the three wires going out of the motor, the insulation is not that robust, any excessive wiggle and pulls and tugs can lead to short outs. I had a brand new 1800kv burned during the first 45 seconds. I can only attribute that to my over zealous soldering of the 5.5mm bullets on to those wires. The heat must have weakened the heat shrink on those wires. My set up was normal, it was in a Miss Geico, I took out the PB 1800kv for another boat and bought a new AC 1800kv.
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