has anyone run or is running a PHOENIX-125 in their boat? if so, can you help me with the programing. i'm going to use my Spectrum DX-3 (not the 3.0 version). i want to program my radio to use the 125. i've heard of people doing it, but i don't know how to program it. also, what are good safe settings that i can program into the esc via castle link. i'm planning on running 4s lipos and sometimes i want to run 6s lipos. my motor is the aqua craft brushless motor that comes in the SV27. my lipos are Maxx Amps 8000 2s lipos that i'm going to run in parralell to make 4s and i have Venom 5400 3s lipos that i'm going to make into 6s. any help on this is greatly appreciated, thanks in advanced.