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Thread: AQ GP-1 handling issue.... Help please

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    Default AQ GP-1 handling issue.... Help please

    Iv got a unknown 2700kv motor with AQ 35amp ESC with stock prop . It was sponson walking, but I moved the esc to the other side side of the boat and cured that but now she started purposing! At about 3/4 throttle. If I roll into the throttle it doesn't do it as fast and u can get up a lil speed, but when it gets the speed up its like the stern starts to lift and the sponsons start to dig into the water, I have a bigger prop not sure I the size, I'll look when I get home and let you know. But it's gets a lil better when I put that prop on.
    Any help is appreciated

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    I don’t know anything about the power system in the boat you have (looks like others might not know either) but that’s OK..
    A few notes:

    First...The hull has a limit.....

    OK here we go..

    To start, set the turn fin straight up and down and make sure you have the outside edge sharpened to the inside.
    Remove the rudder brackets and sand a tiny amount of boss marital away. You want the rudder brackets to pinch the rudder post (metal post). You don’t want any slop in the hinge.
    Cut off and remove the Oring holding lugs and replace with a M3 screw and nut. (just snug it up)
    Start with the stock prop and then go to the Qctrua red Set the strut flush and level with the top of the strut brackets.




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