Hi, I am semi new to the hobby.

I bought a proboat stiletto from a local hobby store.

the hobby store told me that the boat was programmed for lipos

so, I ran the boat the other day for its first run. after some time the boat stopped. I assumed this was lipo cut off.

Today I went to run the boat, speed control wont initialize, just beeps. Unless you turn the prop then it will go but cut back off if you let go of the throttle for to long.

went to my manual and my manual says programed for nimh

So does why wont the speed controller initialize?

is it because it lack proper programing?
is the speed control possibly faulty ?
did i damage my speed control?
is the lipo cut off a complete power cut or a stutter?

just plugged it back up let it sit. it doesn't beep to initialize but works fine now.