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Thread: what prop to use on my mystic 29??

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    Default what prop to use on my mystic 29??

    hey everybody im new to the site and i own a mystic 29. i recently purchased the esc from the blackjack allowing me to run 6s 11.1 lipos. im using the stock prop sharpened and sharpened turn rudder and man is it crazy fast!!!

    my real question here is what is the best prop to run on the boat. im currently using the stock prop and i have heard alot about m445 and other numbers wondering if there is a potential for even more speed from from a different prop or stick with the prop the boat came with.

    specs:80 amp blackjack esc,turnigy 11.1 5.0 5000mah 35-45c-discharge batts, stock motor,and stock prop sharpened along with sharpened rudder.

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    i could not believe it at first either and i could go over it again.
    next i am trying the 40x52 3 blade Grim Racer and see what happens.
    ps got to remember on these so called commercial sites they do not respond too quickly.
    sorry i did not see this earlier even i have gotten numb from here.



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