I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Wayne Farrow. I am 53 years old and I have lived in Florida all my life. I have been married to my beautiful wife Tammy for 20 years. We have 3 lovely kids (with paws) Brutus and Diesel which most of you know and our new addition Sage that you will soon meet as they attend all the races we go to. I also have a son Chad (without paws) that soon turns 26. I have owned a landscape maintenance company for the last 20 years and in 2010 started VenomCC Racing.com selling my own Jersey Skiff and I just introduced the FM1 True Sport Hydro in October 2012.

I started out as a play boater in 1990 running nitro boats which consisted of a War Machine with a Picco 80, a Lap Cat with a 7.5 and a 20 outboard mono. In 1993 I sold my boats to focus on building my landscape company. My son started bugging me to build an old cat hull that was collecting dust on a shelf in my shop so in 1996 we got back into this great hobby. We attended a couple of the Orlando Winter Nats races as spectators and became members of the Orlando Culvert Dodgers around 2006. I started racing in 2006 and have several District 3 High Points Championships. Tammy started racing in 2007 and we both are very passionate about racing.
I was president of the Orlando Culvert Dodgers for 4 years and was in charge of overseeing the Orlando Winter Nationals which is one of the largest races in the country. I was District 3 Points Director for 2 years. Tammy was the Secretary for the Orlando Culvert Dodgers for 3 years and District 3 Secretary for 1 year.

Well I think that pretty much covers my personal life, our interest and involvement in this hobby.

Now my mission statement.

When I am elected District 3 Director I want to see the enthusiasm of years past returned to all the racers in the district. I want to see us move into the 21st century. I want to see the racers more involved and interactive in the running of the disrtrict. There were several great ideas discussed in the past and I want those ideas brought back up for discussion. I know that when all the members are involved we will see the attendance at our races go up. The website will be upgraded so that district 3 members can be interactive and will be updated on a regular basis. The points will be posted in a timely manner. I’m sure there are many members that have ideas and I will make every effort to see that they are put before the whole district for discussion.

Those of you that know me know that I put my heart and soul into anything I do. Those of you that don’t know will soon find out. I will give no less then 110% as your new director. I plan on working very hard to see District 3 great again.

Wayne Farrow