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Thread: Looking for Impulse 31 Setup Recommendations

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    Default Looking for Impulse 31 Setup Recommendations

    I am obtaining an Impulse 31 and instead of trial and error, especially with me being somewhat new to boats and still learning the motor/esc/prop setups, I would like to know if any of you have suggestions. I just run mainly on a large retention pond with a buddy of mine typically pretty smooth. Would like 50+ out of her at least. Motor/esc/prop/battery setup and any other tab mods or info is much appreciated. One day hopefully I can get a better grasp of this. Thanks

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    Hi, here's what I did to my Impulse 31 (V1) mid-2012:

    1. Remove most of interior wood mounting structure.
    2. Re-enforced the bottom of the hull with an additional layer of fiberglass.
    3. Installed a Leopard 4074, 1800kv motor, with a stainless steel 2pc collet.
    4. ESC: Seaking 120A.
    5. Prop: Octura x645, balanced, sharpened and raised on the strut slightly.
    6. Batteries: (2) Zippy 5S, 4000mAh, 30C, in parallel.

    I've been running this setup nearly every weekend and have clocked the boat at 58mph with a GPS. Also handles rough water very well, though smoother the faster :)

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